Update on The Heights School Development

We trust that you have had the opportunity to attend one of the public exhibitions hosted by The Heights School, and indeed registered your views, either by completing the document sent to you by the Education Funding Agency (EFA) and their Advisors, or by clicking online at the following site:


If you were unable to attend the public exhibition, we would urge you to visit the website where you can see the detailed information and site plans for the proposed school. Clearly it is now too late to post your views on the consultation form, and we would therefore encourage you to complete online.

The deadline for completion is Monday 4th April 2016

CRAID continue to be concerned about ‘inappropriate development’ in Caversham, and indeed we continue to have concerns that High Ridge is the default site for the school since it continues to be owned by the EFA/Trustees of the school. It is therefore very important that your views are expressed about the proposed development on Mapledurum Playing Fields – MPF. If the school is developed on MPF it is essential that parents/residents have their say now since this is a vital decision for the Fields and all of the User Groups. Even those who aren’t in favour of the school should take the opportunity to input their thoughts on how the proposals could be improved. It is essential that if a school is built it is a good one and is a legacy for generations to come.

We know that there are currently many concerns, not least preventing future development on MPF, the aspect for the Pavilion based on the current plans, the access to the site and of course increase in traffic and parking. It is therefore essential that the community continue to work together and have their say. Please therefore ask as many questions as possible to ensure that your concerns are listened to.

CRAID Committee